ProcessLOGIX logo holds 4 colours with intrinsic meanings which showcase our business philosophy in simplified way.


Stability – The black colour symbolizes ‘stability’. We believe in stable business environment which consists of financial and non financial aspects. We always think for and act on stability in knowledge, capital and service delivery.

Vitality with endurance – The orange colour indicates ‘vitality with endurance’. We have developed an ability to sustain and grow over a period of time and will continue to do that. Our long existence in this business and current growth rate is an evidence of this characteristic.

Progressiveness – Violet colour symbolizes ‘progressiveness’. Our 9 years’ journey is an example of our gradual progress where we have always managed and maintained our capacities to reflect them into customer satisfaction rather than hurriedly chasing quantity business. It’s an outcome of progressive attitude that we have grown from 2 people 1 city company into a strong multi-skilled, multi-people company spread across multiple cities and countries. Our focus is business growth with gradual progress in our capabilities.

Innovation – Blue colour indicates ‘innovation’. At ProcessLOGIX we always invest our efforts to provide innovative solutions to client’s problem which simplifies their business experience. On the other hand we innovate products and consulting approach for betterment of project management and value addition to client.

This ecosystem of philosophies makes us a strong company who believe in and act for “transforming knowledge into reality”.