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We have  served more than 1000 clients across India, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines and United States of America (USA) through our consulting, training & auditing services.

Some of our notable projects include –


Tyre Mould manufacturing company from Maharashtra, India

The company manufactures tyre moulds for auto majors like CEAT, Bridgestone, etc. Through our ISO consulting services, we assisted the management to implement a quality management system based on ISO 9001 that not only offered them a brand addition in terms of a certificate but also helped them to bring down product rejection by 90%.

Play Ground Equipments manufacturing company from Maharashtra, India

The company designs, and manufacturers play-ground equipments and sells to domestic as well as international clients. They were facing major issues with their inventory management. The company approached us for our management consulting services. We applied our Business Process Review methodology to look at the real problems. We conducted a process review and proposed a re-engineered process for managing Stores department as well as for managing inventories. The new system helped the company to bring down the inventory cost by 40%.

A BPO having global operation centres in Maharashtra and Hyderabad

The company operates an offshoring model for its own counterparts in US within telecom and healthcare industry. Through our ISO consulting services, we assisted the management to standardize the processes and build a continuing quality assessment process. We also helped the company to get certified to standards like ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000-1

A multi-national Gym having centres in Maharashtra

The Gym approached us for our ISO Consulting services as the management was keen on standardizing their internal processes across their own as well as franchised centers. We helped the management to build quality processes and get certified to ISO 9001 for its owned centers. The certification to ISO 9001 added to their brand image and helped them to operate their customer-centric processes consistently.

A leading telecom service provider in Mongolia

The company operates a nationwide telecom license and offers mobile services. After evaluating many consulting firms across the globe, they engaged our ISO consulting services. We helped the company build security practices and assisted the management to achieve ISO 27001 certification. With that it became the first ISO 27001 certified company in Mongolia.

A construction house in Maharashtra

The company designs and develops commercial cum residential properties across India and in Europe. We helped them in certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 27001. It now enjoys the status of being the only construction company in India to be certified to ISO 27001.

Leading District Central Cooperative Bank in Maharashtra

The DCC Bank is third largest district bank in Asia having more than 250 branches and huge customer base. Our solutions helped the management to streamline the processes across all branches, build data sharing and quick reporting system, implement continual improvement within core processes, implement effective closures of all audit findings and transformed customer service. We assisted the bank management to get their complete range of services covered under ISO 9001 certification.

Implemented IT Governance for District Central Cooperative (DCC) Bank in Maharashtra

The DCC Bank is from Vidarbha region of Maharashtra and is considered as leading DCC by other DCC Banks in terms of technology implementation and processes improvement. Our Team helped the Bank to improve the quality of processes, implement IT Governance by following ITIL framework. We helped the Bank to address their employee related pain points, improve customer service and responses as well as streamline IT infrastructure and backbone by efficient capacity planning and improving response times and incident managements.

Assisted District Central Co-Operative Banks in regulatory compliance.

Our Team of consultants helped multiple District Central Co-Operative Banks across Maharashtra comply to the regulatory requirements laid down by NABARD and SLTF (State Level Task Force) by creating Human Resource policies, roles wise responsibilities and accountability, categorization of branches, staffing patterns and also helping the Banks to implement the same.

Implement Information Security at Facilities of Data Warehousing Company

Client is data warehousing company, having pan India presence and a network of their owned facilities and warehouses, serving customers from Banking and Insurance domain. Our Team helped Client design and implement stringent information security system covering logical and physical security parameters as required by the customers of the client. Our Team also helped the client to implement business continuity based on ISO 22301 standard which helped them comply to requirements of their customers and regulatory bodies.

Implement QMS and ISMS at India’s leading Perfume Manufacturing Company

Client is leading manufacturer of aroma chemicals, fragrances and flavors. Our Team helped the client to design and establish quality management system (QMS) at their manufacturing units in Maharashtra. Our Team also helped the client implement Information Security for the IT infrastructure team across region. Our Team helped improve the Food Safety implemented at their flavors division on the basis of guidelines and requirements provided by their customers which happen to be world giants in beverage industry.

Implement QMS at regulatory veterinary departments of Race Courses

Clients are renowned and prestigious Race Courses established during British regime in Mumbai and Pune. Our Team helped the Race Course Clubs to implement quality management system (QMS )at their regulatory vet departments which play a very prominent role in establishing fair racing practices and procedures. They happen to be first such Organisation to be certified for QMS.

Implement Information Security at leading mortgage finance Bank in Mongolia

Client is a leading mortgage re-financing Organisation in Mongolia and is part of association created by 10 leading banks of Mongolia. Our Team helped the client to implement information security across all functions and departments. This helped the client to become first such Organisation in Mongolia to be certified for information security.

Implement QMS and Food Safety for Oil manufacturer and exporter in Mongolia

Client is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter for pine nut based oil and oil cakes. Our Team helped client to implement QMS and Food Safety by re-aligning and structuring the processes, extraction, bottling processes along with introducing stringent quality check and food safety control mechanisms. This helped client lower their operational costs by reducing wastages and rejections. The client also achieved the certifications which helped increase their export percentage significantly.

Implementing QMS at more than 1,000 Pre-Primary and Primary Schools

Our Team has worked with more than 1,000 pre-primary and primary schools in improving the infrastructure, working culture, hygiene, processes under the pretext of implementing quality in processes. The process involved people and administration participation for the implementation of quality and helped achieve ISO 9001 certification to these institutions.

Implementing QMS at more than 250 local administration bodies in villages of Maharashtra

Our team worked with District level civic administration bodies and village administration bodies for implementing quality management system and achieve certification through public participation and involvement. The system specially designed and implemented for such institutions was focused on improving customer experience with such organisations and help organisations implement people-centric beneficiary schemes and monitor performance under continual improvement.

Conducted first training session on Anti-Bribery Standard in Mongolia

Our Team was the first one to conduct Implementation and requirement training on Anti Bribery standard ISO 37001:2016 in entire Mongolia. The training was required by Government, Semi-Government and PSU Organisations in Mongolia for understanding the scope, requirements and implementation process of the newly introduced standard in the event of implementation of anti-bribery laws in Mongolia.

Conducted ISO Standard awareness training sessions in Mongolia

Our Team conducted more than 30 awareness training sessions in Mongolia for various ISO Standards and Management systems covering quality, environmental, occupational health, energy and food safety. More than 500 small and medium Organisations participated in the training sessions to understand the requirements, implications, best practices and benefits of such management system standards.

Multi service Organisation Group in Maharashtra

Client is a group of companies from service industry providing facility management and physical security services to industry, commercial as well as aviation industry. Our Team helped them implement various management system standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SA 8000 as well as ISO 26000. The client is the first organisation in India to implement and get certified for ISO 18788 which is standard for private security organisations.

Leading Translation service company having presence in India, Japan, USA and Asian countries

Client is a leading translation, editing and transcription service provider head quartered in India and having presence in USA, Japan, China, Korea as well as Middle East. Our Team helped them implement quality and information security across all processes and functions. This helped them integrate both the systems as integrated management system and get certified for the same. Our Team also helped to implement ISO 17100 Translation Standard across various geographies and thus became one of the first organisations to implement the standard across multiple geographies.

Cloud Solution Organisation in India having presence in USA

Client is cloud based solution provider having presence in various countries including USA. Our Team helped implement quality and information security for the internal process improvement as well as to meet the ever-demanding requirements of the customers. Our team helped design and implement IT and information security policies and procedures based on best industry practices so that the compliance to legal and statutory requirements of USA are met.

Environmental system at ERP implementation Organisation in UK and India

Client is ERP implementation company with presence in United Kingdom and India. Our Team helped the client implement Environmental Management System (EMS) and Quality across their processes and get the same certified. The systems helped achieve compliance as well as process level improvements.

Group of Healthcare companies having presence in India, Philippines and USA.

Client is a group of companies catering to US Healthcare industry and is present across multiple cities across India, Philippines and USA. Our Team helped the Client streamline the processes through ISO 9001 as well as follow best practices available for software development life cycles. Our Team worked closely with all group companies and their development, QA as well as Client Servicing Teams for process documentations, process streamlining and implementation of quality processes. The project enabled Client to get their all participant companies certified for ISO 9001 and extend the system to all geographies of the Group. Our Team also helped design solutions and define processes based on best practices in IT security, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, risk assessment, regulatory compliance framework, SOC 2 compliance etc.