Management Consulting

Organizations grow over a period of time. A small organization builds itself into a bigger organization by focusing onto the business objectives and vision through which it was setup. However, such a growth also brings in a few complexities and internal weaknesses that are quite often not clearly addressed in time and later becomes a root cause for some even bigger issue.

There are some organizations who build themselves efficiently as they grow and address all pitfalls of the growth. However, these organizations too at some point do not realize how to fuel the growth in the right manner and in right time.

The scenarios are many and the problems too. ProcessLOGIX helps such organizations to address the issues that their management wants to address but do not have the availability of right competence internally. These organizations outsource the job of identifying the issue and developing a solution to ProcessLOGIX.  Our consultants apply various tools, frameworks, models, techniques and methods, as appropriate to the organizations nature of business and the issue it faces and deploy customized solutions that seamlessly integrates into the organization’s environment.

How does it work

We follow a Analyze-Develop-Deploy-Review-Certify model within our management consulting service. This ensures that the organization’s objectives are achieved within determined timeframe and with appropriate level of deliverables.

Once our engagement starts, we analyze our customer’s operating environment and business model. As a result we identify the issues in greater details along with their root causes. This helps us to design the most appropriate system development approach.

Based on the outcomes of the ‘Analyze’ phase, we design and develop the required system that addresses the missing components within our customer’s existing system and aligns the system to the requirements of the selected improvement objectives. All the necessary processes and systems are documented using our highly effective documentation approaches.

The documented system is deployed by our customer’s representatives and specific teams under our guidance. We train and hand-hold these teams during the complete deployment phase.

Once the deployment starts progressing, we conduct audits and reviews of the deployed components using our well established audits and assessments methodology. The results are analyzed and appropriate corrections, corrective actions and preventive actions are developed for the identified gaps. Our consultants train and hand-hold the customers teams for establishing such actions.

Once the deployed system achieves appropriate level of conformance to the desired improvement objectives, we together with the organization’s management representatives conduct a validation of the system at its current state and certify the improvements. Our proven and well established methodology assures our customers of desired success in achieving the desired improvement objectives.
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