Audits and Assessments

We have developed a wide range of highly customizable audits and assessments services that cater to the varied need of our customers. These audits and assessments are conducted by our highly trained and experienced team of auditors. We select and engage auditors from our pool of auditors based on the competency required for conducting the audit or assessment as required by our customer.

Following are some of the types of audits and assessment that we offer to our customers –

Internal Audits for management systems

Many organizations are certified to some or the other ISO standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, etc. These organizations need to regularly conduct audits of their implemented system as part of the compliance. These standards require that the internal audits are conducted by competent auditors. Not many organizations maintain such a pool of Internal Auditors. There are some organizations whose management feels that their internal team of auditors will not be able to drive improvements through their audits since they lack the audit experience in other organizations thus lacking in the ability to bring knowledge about best practices. Such organizations outsource the Internal Audits to us which we offer as a one-time service or in an ongoing engagement. 

Supplier Audits

Most organizations procure raw material, components from other organization or acquire the services of other organizations. These organizations need that their supplier has the capability to meet their quality related or requirements. Many times the organizations audit their suppliers to evaluate such capabilities. However, the organizations may not want to engage their own team to audit the supplier in order to avoid conflict of interest. ProcessLOGIX offers an audit service which takes into account the particular contractual or quality or other requirements of the customer organization and conduct audit of their suppliers within those criteria. Our auditors provide a detailed report to the customer upon completion of such audit. 

Information Systems Audit

Organizations depend a lot on IT in this connected world. But it also exposes these organizations to a lot of internal as well as external threats through their information systems. The Governments too have realized the wide impact of such threats and have stated requirements for such organizations pertaining to security of information. The management of these organizations are also interested in knowing how secure their information systems are. We specialize and are competent in conducting such audits of the information systems (IS Audits). Having qualified personnel onboard such as CISA. CEH, etc. we are highly placed to provide comprehensive audits of our customer’s information systems. These audits conform to requirements of regulations and frameworks like HIPAA, IT Act of India, UK Data Protection Act (DPA), ISACA IS Audit Standards, RBI guidelines, etc. as specified by our customers.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tests

Networks and Web Applications are prone to threats such as hackers, disgruntled employees, viruses, programming flaws, etc. Organizations need to understand what vulnerabilities exist in these networks and applications. We offer vulnerability assessments and penetration tests (VAPT) to identify such vulnerabilities and provide solutions to remediate such vulnerabilities. Our customers engage us to conduct either White Box or Black Box vulnerability assessments or penetration tests. 

Gap Assessments against given criteria

Many organizations want to assess to what extent their internal systems comply to the applicable regulations or international standards. We offer a customized assessment service that takes into account these regulations or standards and find out the gap between the existing system and such regulations or standards. Our report contains the details of such gaps and possible actions that can be taken by the organization to rectify such gaps.

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