General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is a regulation adopted by the European Union (EU) on 14th April 2016. It regulates the processing of personally identifiable information (PII) of natural persons within EU (called as ‘Data Subjects’ within the regulation). The regulation specifies obligations of Data Controllers and Data Processors operating within or outside the European Union. A single data breach or its possibility may call for an action by a Supervisory Authority. The The action may range from a simple warning to a financial penalty upto 20 Million Euros.

ProcessLOGIX compliance consultants assist organizations (Data Controllers or Data Processors) to identify and mitigate gaps in complying to the applicable requirements of the regulation and ensure adequate compliance to prevent any unwanted situation (such as a regulatory action or loss of business due to non-compliance.

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Our approach

  • Gap Analysis

    Our assessors conduct a gap analysis to understand extent to which your current process and systems meet GDPR requirements.

  • Data Flow Diagrams

    Our experts work with your teams to capture the data flow and document it through clear diagrams to facilitate Privacy Impact Analysis

  • Data Protection Impact Assessment

    Our compliance consultants assist your teams in conducting a Data Protection Impact Assessment to identify, assess and evaluate risks to personal data.

  • Mitigation

    Based on the results of Gap Assessment and Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), our compliance consultants help your teams to develop and implement mitigation / solutions for ensuring protection of personal data.

  • Documentation

    Our compliance consultants provide assistance in developing and establishing appropriate documentation including Privacy Policy, Data Protection Agreements and other policies and procedures, as required.

  • Training

    Our compliance consultants impart training at relevant levels to help personnel understand the the GDPR obligations and their role within the compliance.

  • Compliance Assessment

    Our team of assessors that include CISA, CEH and ISO 27001 Lead Auditors, conduct a final assessment to evaluate the status of compliance to GDPR requirements.