Management Consulting

Organizations often struggle with delivering consistent quality internally as well as externally. Not only their customers but their employees and other stakeholders too are victims of these inconsistencies. Following are few of the indicators of this experience –

  • With every new transaction with the organization, the customers gets a different experience in terms of the documentation quality, product / service quality, delivery quality, support quality, etc.
  • Employees often struggle with finding work products to use within the product or service delivery each time there is a new instance.
  • Newer employees have a larger learning curve since most processes are run by individuals that are not available in time for the knowledge transfer to these new recruits.
  • Processes keep on changing with every new project that the organization has taken up.
  • Requirements change in the middle of a project creating unforeseen workload for the project team members

These are few of the many scenarios that indicates that the organization seriously is in need of a process improvement drive. Software Engineering Institute has formulated a model for driving such improvement efforts within a product company or a service provider or an acquirer of services of other companies – CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC), CMMI for development (CMMI-DEV) and CMMI for Acquisition (CMMI-ACQ)

ProcessLOGIX has a proficient team of consultants to integrate these models for an organization. Our well established approach for deploying the desired CMMI model helps organizations to build a highly efficient system around the process areas described within the CMMI model that offers a proven mechanism for managing process improvements.


The benefits that an organization may get out of our CMMI consulting service are mostly based on the management’s intentions of selecting this service. However, following examples provide some direction about what the CMMI can give the organizations in terms of its benefits –

It is our practice to understand the benefits that our customers want by implementing CMMI model and then design the system in a way to help the organization to realize these benefits”.

The real focus of our CMMI consulting service is to improve the performance of the customer organization by way of developing capability of processes and in turn maturity of the organization. The customer organization experiences the performance improvement upon the realization of our service. These improvements can be in operational or financial performances as per the area selected.

Our deployment approach is engineered to ensure deep integration of the standardized and optimized processes. These processes are built with our knowledge and experience of the best practices followed in other organizations globally. As a result the customer organization witnesses sustained benefits of the institutionalized best practices from the industry.

During the development of the solutions, we consider the challenges faced by the employees of our customer organization in operating the processes. The developed processes ensure that these challenges are taken care of thereby achieving satisfaction of the employees who operate the CMMI model.

Our consultants are well acquainted with the use of most current technologies used in other organizations globally. This knowledge is used while optimizing the processes. We provide solutions that consider use of most affordable and efficient tools and technologies that are available to the organization thereby delivering the value of the technologies within the CMMI model.

CMMI is globally recognized and accepted. Upon realization of our CMMI consulting service our customer organization has an option to get appraised by a CMMI appraiser. The appraisal report can then be shared with the existing or new customers. This will develop a confidence in the customer about the quality of service delivery and its consistency. Many CMMI appraised organizations have also witness increase in the customer base due to the CMMI appraisal.


Our CMMI consulting service can be availed by any type and size of an organization including commercial and non-commercial organizations.

Browse through the solutions for different industries based on our experience of some of the types of organizations that we have worked with in the past.