Information Technology Governance System

In today’s connected world Information Technology (IT) plays a major role within all organizations; be it a manufacturing company or a service organization or a Bank. Most organizations invest in IT and setup a function to manage the IT infrastructure and services; they call it the ‘IT Department’!

The key responsibilities of the IT Department include managing the infrastructure like servers, networks, etc. and deliver user support services. As the infrastructure needs go on increasing, the support requirements also grow in double the rate. But the size of the IT team does not get aligned to that. One of the many reasons why the organizations do not invest into the IT team is the overheads attached to it.

Whatever the size of the IT team is, there are ways to efficiently manage IT services.

ProcessLOGIX offers a well defined framework within which the IT team can efficiently manage the infrastructure and services. The IT Governance System that we have designed offers best of the global practices in IT Service Management, Information Security, IT Service Continuity, etc. Our IT Governance system has adopted processes offered by global frameworks and standards like CMMI, COBIT, ITIL, ISO 20000-1, ISO 270001 and ISO 22301.

We customize our solution to fit the size and complexity of the IT infrastructure as well as IT Team size of our customer and deliver a system that drives the IT service delivery and support processes that are governed in line with the customer’s business objectives.


The benefits that an organization may get out of our ITGS service are mostly based on the management’s intentions of selecting this service. However, following examples provide some direction about what the ITGS can give the organizations in terms of its benefits

It is our practice to understand the benefits that our customers want by adopting our IT Governance System and then design the system in a way to help the organization to realize these benefits”.

 The real focus of our ITGS service is to improve the IT service delivery and support performance of the customer’s IT function by way of establishing global best practices and processes. The customer organization experiences the IT performance improvement upon the realization of our service objectives. These improvements offer a platform for improving the business performance.

 Our deployment approach is engineered to ensure deep integration of the standardized and optimized processes for IT Governance. These processes are built with our knowledge and experience of the best practices followed in other organizations globally. As a result the customer organization witnesses sustained benefits of the institutionalized best practices from the industry.

During the development of the solutions, we consider the challenges faced by the employees of our customer organization in operating the processes. The customized IT Governance and operations processes ensure that these challenges are taken care of thereby achieving satisfaction of the employees who operate the IT processes.

Our consultants are well acquainted with the use of most current technologies used in other organizations globally. This knowledge is used while optimizing the processes. We provide solutions that consider use of most affordable and efficient tools and technologies that are available to the organization thereby delivering the value of the technologies within the IT processes.

The ITGS processes offer IT processes that are aligned with the organization’s business objectives. The IT starts playing an important contributor to achieving these business objectives delivering the true value of IT in business.


Our ITGS service can be availed by any type and size of an organization including commercial and non-commercial organizations

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